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8.5 oz Amber Pump Bottle

This rich foaming botanical body wash fills your shower with the Native scent of wild sweetgrass. Enriched with botanicals, vitamin A and Aloe Vera, Native Naturals Botanical Body Wash leaves skin refreshed and lightly scented. Can also be added to the tub for a fragrant foaming bath.

Sweetgrass Botanical Body Wash

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
  • The Story of Sweetgrass

    Sweetgrass is considered sacred and plays an important part in Native ceremonies. It smells sweet when dried, and is traditionally braided for storage or use. It is also used in sweat lodges. Clippings are placed on hot rocks during the sweat. Sweetgrass is often burned after sage as a purifier to encourage positive vibrations or spirits to enter an area or room.
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