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Custom Amenities Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum amount of each item we need to order?
A: For most items we can do a 5,000 piece minimum. We encourage at least a 10,000 piece minimum to get better pricing.

Q: How long will it take to produce our custom line?
A: From artwork confirmation and receipt of payment, it takes 10 – 12 weeks.

Q: What colors and how many colors can we print?
A: You can have any colors and as many as you like, however, if we are printing directly on the container, some tubes and bottles are limited to 4 colors.

Q: How many hotel rooms do we need to have to justify a custom label program?
A: With our low minimum order requirements, if you have a 30 room hotel and you are running at 50% annual occupancy that is 5,000 room nights a year. You could easily have a custom hotel amenities line.

Q: Do your products have an expiration date?
A: Yes, on average, you can expect your product to be good for 36-48 months.

Q: Are your soaps animal fat tallow or vegetable tallow?
A: We only use vegetable tallow in our soaps.

Q: Can we get an eco friendly line of recyclable products?
A: Yes! That is one of your options as well.

Q: Can we put our phone number and website on our products?
A: Yes, we absolutely encourage that. Women often will toss their travel size lotion into their purse. It becomes an instant marketing tool for your hotel. So many of our memories are based on scents. Every time they use that lotion, they will see your hotel information, remember what a good time they had at your property, and it will reinforce the good feelings they had there. All they need to do is pick up their lotion and call your hotel for a reservation again.

Q: What are your art design, set up charges or plate fees?
A: You will work with one of our creative team on your custom design and are only limited by your imagination. This service is offered complimentary. FREE. No hidden design charges or set up fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you offer net 30 terms? Do we have to pay for everything up front or can you bill us?
    A: We are a small boutique company, producing a custom line just for your property. We do require payment in advance of your custom order.

    Q: I think a custom line sounds expensive. Is Native Naturals more expensive than the line I’m carrying right now?
    A: We are very competitively priced. We can create a hotel amenities line for any budget, big or small. PLUS….your hotel amenities line has the potential to pay for itself. The great thing about Native Naturals is that we carry a full size line in addition to our hotel amenities, and we have a wholesale program for gift shops and hotels. If just 5% of your customers who try the line in the rooms go to your gift shop or front desk and purchase just 1 full size product – say a lotion for example – the line has paid for itself in residual gift shop revenue. You are essentially getting your hotel amenities line FOR FREE! Use our Native Naturals full size products to your advantage to let your amenities line pay for itself!!!!

    Q: We would like to incorporate art work by local tribal artists. Can we do that?
    A: Absolutely. With permission from the artists, we can feature the artwork of your tribe on the packaging of your hotel amenities. You could start an “Indian Art Collection” of hotel amenities featuring a different tribal artist every three months if you like. Place a table tent in your rooms with a paragraph on one side about the artist, letting your guests know about them, and that their work is further featured in your gift shop. On the other side of the table tent, a paragraph about Native Naturals with the native history and story of the herb or berry featured in your line, letting your guest know that if they liked the product, full size product is available for sale in the gift shop.

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