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8.5 oz Amber Pump Bottle

Experience the scent of wild chokecherry as this unique formula soothes and conditions even the driest of skin. Absorbs quickly leaving your skin lightly scented with Native botanicals.


Chokecherry Hand & Body Lotion

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
  • The Story of Chokecherry

    For the Native Indians who roamed the North American plains, the chokecherry provided vitamins and a sweet-tart flavor. These luscious purple berries were harvested, along with other fruit, in midsummer to fall and stored in a partly dried or frozen state. Chokecherries mixed with fat and suet and pounded into the meat of buffalo became pemmican, a staple food eaten by Native Indians during journeys and long winters. Today the chokecherry fruit is used to make jam and syrup prized as a gourmet treat. Chokecherry bushes still grow wild in prairie ravines and remain one of the most important plants for wildlife food and shelter.
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