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8.5 oz Amber Pump Bottle

This rich foaming botanical body wash fills your shower with the Native scent of wild chokecherries. Enriched with botanicals, vitamin A and Aloe Vera, Native Naturals Botanical Body Wash leaves skin refreshed and lightly scented. Can also be added to the tub for a fragrant foaming bath.

Chokecherry Botanical Body Wash

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
  • The Story of Chokecherry

    For the Native Indians who roamed the North American plains, the chokecherry provided vitamins and a sweet-tart flavor. These luscious purple berries were harvested, along with other fruit, in midsummer to fall and stored in a partly dried or frozen state. Chokecherries mixed with fat and suet and pounded into the meat of buffalo became pemmican, a staple food eaten by Native Indians during journeys and long winters. Today the chokecherry fruit is used to make jam and syrup prized as a gourmet treat. Chokecherry bushes still grow wild in prairie ravines and remain one of the most important plants for wildlife food and shelter.
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